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Basketball Training

FullSizeRender (1)So you’re in your senior year of high school basketball and many of your friends are getting recruited right before your eyes. It’s in this year that you finally decide that you’ll be next to be recruited. So you put down the Xbox controller and give 2k a rest telling yourself you’ll go hard this season. If this is you, I’m sorry but you’ve got a lot to learn and here’s why.

Becoming a professional athlete or earning a scholarship doesn’t happen overnight. College/ university coaches can tell if a kid has been in the gym for years or is just starting to get their act together. Although other athletes may make it look easy come game time, those between the legs crossovers and back board shots are the results of hard work they’ve put in for years.

Which leads me to athletes putting in the work when the time counts. I’ve never met a player who’s become great overnight, you will not be the first one. Put the work in when the time counts, not when it’s too late. Off season should be dedicated to your craft. If a basketball player is what you want to become find different ways of improving. You’ve got to eat, sleep and breath the game. Days when you’ve got no access to a gym can be study days on YouTube or reading books or even going over your team plays trying to find different ways of bettering yourself. With the technology we have access to in today’s world there is no excuse why we cannot utilize our time. Don’t wait until senior year, or seeing your friends get recruited to get serious, put the work in when it counts. Find a quality trainer and get some good basketball training in today.

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This is a guest blog by Justin Alliman. Justin Alliman is a mobile  basketball trainer in the G.T.A  To date he has developed and motivated over 400 hundred high school, college and NBA athletes from all over Canada. He can be found here.