10 Point Checklist To Help You Get Recruited To Play College Sports

10 Point Checklist To Help You Get Recruited To Play College Sports

Don’t take the recruiting process for granted. Create a plan and execute, you will get out what you put in. Below is a 10 Point Checklist To Help You Get Recruited To Play College Sports.

1. Clean Up Your Social Medialearn why

2. Use YouTube – Grab a coaches attention! Once you upload a video to YouTube a link to that specific video is created. You can then send coaches the link to your video(s) or YouTube Channel. Now a coach is only one click away from seeing you in real-time and getting a better understanding of what you can do as a player.

3. Have a great Attitude – learn why

4. Create an Email Signature – Dedicate a specific e-mail address for your recruiting process. Most email providers allow you to customize your signature so take advantage as it’s another way for coaches to quickly learn more about you. Your signature should include: Your name, Graduation Year, Position, High School (or Club Team), GPA, SAT and ACT scores,  Link to Youtube Channel, etc.

Tammy Sam ‘17
Junior | Centre | Braxton High School
GPA: 3.8 | SAT: 1430 | ACT: 76
Video: Highlights and References (Hyperlink to YouTube Channel or Videos)
Phone: 555-555-0808

5. Sign up with NCAA Eligibility Centerlearn why

6. Do it YOURSELF – If you want to get noticed by coaches YOU MUST BE THE PERSON MAKING CONTACT. Not your coach, not your brother, not your parents, not a recruiting service – YOU. The one thing I hear all the time from coaches in regards to the recruiting process is that they want to hear from the athlete. They WANT to know that you WANT to be a part of their program.

7. Be PRO-ACTIVE – Most young athletes who get recruited had to reach out to a coach first. Don’t be fooled by this new generation of kids holding press conferences to announce their decisions, this is a very small percentage of athletes. Being pro-active is what the majority of athletes must do to get recruited. Look – it’s all a numbers game, so go in with the mindset that the recruiting process is a business and you can’t take it personally.  Push yourself to be pro-active and you will be rewarded.

8. Understand It’s not about you – Before you contact a coach make sure you do your research. DO NOT send e-mails that are all about you! Let me repeat, DO NOT send e-mails that are all about you! Before you send any messages to a coach make sure you know something about the program and be clear on why you would like to play for that coach / program.

9. Follow Up with Coaches – Give coaches 72-96 hours to get back to you. If you don’t hear anything in this time frame you should send a follow-up email. Forward the last email you sent so you keep the same subject line and in the body remind the coach of the great email you sent a few days ago. Don’t take it personally if a coach does not respond right away, coaches live very busy lives ( practices, travel, games, etc ) and sometimes they just don’t get around to emails.

10. Leave a great Voicemail – learn more


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