10 Tips for surviving a long flight

10 Tips for surviving a long Flight

Will you be flying anywhere for spring break? I’ll be heading down south to visit my niece, and although I’m used to travelling and all that comes with it, there are things I do to make my flight experience more enjoyable. As you prepare to board your flight, here are 10 tips for surviving a long flight and making it more enjoyable.

1. Wear a top with a hoodie. A top with a hoodie is a must for two reasons: 1)- If the plane is freezing you can throw it over your head for extra warmth, and 2)- it’s the best do-not-disturb sign. If your seatmate starts talking your ear off slowly slip your hood over your head.

2. Pack a back-up charger. The worse is running out of power halfway through a flight. I use this gadget to charge my laptop or phone. 

3. Compression socks. I discovered them when I started to fly around the world playing basketball. For 12 years my schedule usually entailed landing in a new country and practicing that same night. My trainer suggested compression socks and once I wore them I was sold, makes a huge difference.

4. Bring/buy magazines or books. Flying disconnects you from the world ( well those of use who do not use the in-flight wifi ). Take advantage of this solo time to catch up on your reading. I also always enjoy reading above the clouds.

5. Pack a scarf in your carry-on. I neve go anywhere without a scarf, there is always one in my purse :) Scarves come in so handy on flights because you can wrap up if it gets cold, or you can fold it up and use it as a pillow.

6. BYOF Bring your own food. I’ve always been a fan of packing my own snacks for trips, especially since they no longer feed you on planes :( It’s super easy and will save you some money. Grab a sturdy Tupperware container and place your favourite sandwich in there, or peel a few clementines and throw them in the container so they don’t get squished.

7. Pack headphones. We are all different. Some people prefer noise-canceling headphones but I like having headphones to listen to music on my flight. However you choose to use your headphones is up to you … just use them :).

8. Don’t brush your teeth. I always like to have fresh breath and brush my teeth a few times a day, but on flights I prefer to chew gum. Airplane water is not the best, I’m not exactly sure where it comes from but I take no chances. If you’re desperate to brush use bottle water.

10 Tips for surviving a long Flight9. Pack Antibacterial wipes. Airplanes are incredibly dirty, from sneezing to coughing to vomiting, YUCK! People do all sorts of things on airplanes and germs are everywhere so I pack wipes and wash my hands as soon as I get off the plane.

10. Spritz. My face gets so dry when I fly so when I travel I spritz my face with rose water to hydrate my skin. It’s refreshing, energizing and it smells fantastic.


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