How to get Recruited

Ok, so you’re looking to get a college scholarship, well here is a little secret – coaches want to receive phone calls from players. Don’t sit back and wait for coaches to call you, pick up the phone and contact coaches if you’re not receiving the calls you want. You need to start separating yourself from other recruits on the coaches list. Here are a few tips on making phone calls.

Before you pick up the phone, there are a few things you must do. Think about the following: be enthusiastic, think about your tone of voice, be confident, and project your voice clearly. The phone call is your opportunity to make a great first impression.

Before you make your first phone call, practice. 

1. High School or AAU coaches are there to help you, give them a call and practice your pitch.
2. Teammates should always have your back so use them :) Go over potential questions that may be asked from a coach.
3. Make a list of schools you don’t have much interest in and talk to a college coach live. Hey, look at it this way, even if the call doesn’t go as smooth as you want it’s not your top school so no worries. The benefit of this is that you will be able to get a feel of questions the coaches throws out at you.

How to get Recruited

If a coach does not answer, leave a voicemail:

1. Write down what it is you want to say if a coach does not answer the phone.
2. Call your house phone or cell and practice leaving voicemails.
2. Listen to your voicemails, did you leave all the mandatory information? If you were a coach would you call yourself back?

The most important tip on making phone calls – have a pen and paper ready!

1. Write down answers to questions you feel you might be asked. If you get nervous easily this will help.
2. Write down questions you want to ask the coach so you don’t forget.
3. During your call write down the questions you were asked. This list will help you prepare for future calls.
4. During your call write down the answers the college coach gives you. Once you start calling multiple coaches you want to make sure you remember what each coach said.
College coaches understand that all players get nervous at times when it comes to the recruiting process, so just relax, have fun with it and let your personality shine through.

Good luck!


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