Attitude is a big factor in Athletic Scholarship Recruiting

Athletic Scholarship

You can’t control the weather during your track meet, or how much time you play in a game, BUT the one thing you can control is your attitude. COLLEGE COACHES NOTICE EVERYTHING and you don’t want your attitude to interfere with your athletic recruitment process, which can lead to an athletic scholarship and ultimately a great college experience.

It surprises me how many athletes don’t make it to the next level because of their attitude – a bad attitude. Attitude can be verbal or shown through your actions. The team huddle you walked away from as your coach was speaking, the cursing at teammates during a game, or the screwed up face you make walking off the court when you get subbed out. All these are turn-offs for a college coach looking to recruit. When it comes to athletic scholarships, college coaches want athletes who are good in the classroom, talented in their respective sport and, who can represent their program well. So ALWAYS compete as if someone is watching, because more than likely, someone is.

Smile more, have respect for your coach and teammates, and most importantly BE EASY TO COACH.

College-level skills + Good grades + Great attitude = A GREAT chance at an Athletic Scholarship 

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