The Caribbean is known for its collection of small islands, warm climate, wonderful hotel resorts, and fun beaches. The atmosphere created in the Caribbean is ideal for those looking to get married, honeymooners, couples looking to get away or a single person like me :). While the Caribbean may attract those attempting to find romance, it’s also a great spot to enjoy alone or vacation with the family.

Just like any other area in the world, choosing a Caribbean vacation destination may be a challenge. There are many vacation places to select from and they’re all similar in one way or another. If you’re having trouble narrowing your search down to just one destination, I encourage you to review a few of the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean. I’m a beach lover, so below is an overview of my top Caribbean destinations that attract beachgoers from all over the world.

St. John makes up the Virgin Islands. This place is stunning! Many think that the beaches here are the best in all the Caribbean – the beaches are amazing I must admit, and I urge St. Johns visitors to visit Trunk Bay. Trunk Bay is owned and protected by the United States Nation Park Service and famous for their snorkeling tours. Trained, underwater guides make the Trunk Bay snorkeling adventure among the best in the world.

My next destination is the Turks & Caicos found in the Atlantic Ocean. This country has two main islands that aren’t far from the Bahamas at all, with two islands most known for their underwater adventures. The water, near the Turks & Caicos Island, is home to large coral reefs that bring in tourists from all around the world – a really nice spot for scuba diving. Other than diving, one can enjoy fishing, and snorkeling and nice beaches exist here as well :).

The tagline for Jamaica is “no wonder hearts beat faster in Jamaica,” this tourist slogan is accurate in more ways than one. Jamaica is home to wonderful beaches, including Seven Mile Beach – my personal favourite. While Jamaica has a number of spectacular beach resorts they’re most famous for their music and fun offshore activities. Vacationers visiting Jamaica will leave the island satisfied, trust me when I say this country is worth the flight. One love.

Finally, the Cayman Islands is yet another popular summer vacation spot. The three islands, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac are home to various popular beaches, the most well liked is Seven Mile Beach which can be found on the Grand Cayman. Each island offers many on and offshore activities. Vacationers in search of a more intimate setting often vacation at one of the two smaller islands. Without a doubt, you can always visit all three if you wish.

There is no doubt that the Caribbean is one of my favorite places to venture off to, and thousands of tourists flock to one of the Caribbean islands for their summer vacation. If you have yet to visit the Caribbean, it is a must! Make time to take a trip and see what you’ve been missing, buy experiences, not things. Regardless if you choose to vacation at one of the above mentioned Caribbean destinations or you select another, you will defiantly have an unforgettable time.

Have you visited the Caribbean? What is your favourite Caribbean destination?



  1. Hi Tammy!

    Love your post about Caribbean islands! I have Caribbean roots so it’s always nice to read something about “the islands” :) Aruba and Curacao are the islands that I visit most because my friends and family lives there. But last year I went to the BVI’s and St. Maarten. It was amazing!

    I incorporate also some travel topics to my beachwear blog. So if you’re looking for a new bikini, take a look at my website :)

    Love Gala

    • Hey Gala,

      Yes, I’ll deff agree on St. Maarten, it is amazing :) Thanks for sharing your website, I will make sure to check it out :)

  2. Love this post! I’m a huge fan of the Caribbean, especially Trinidad and Tobago. I’f you’ve never been, it needs to be on your bucket list. We go every year (my husband is Trini) and we love the food and the gorgeous beaches!