Sneakers or High Heels: A Female Athlete’s Dilemma

Sneakers or High Heels: A Female Athlete's Dilemma

All women know that high heels are not good for them. Yet, everyone, men included, knows that high heels make a woman’s legs look fabulous. And what woman does not want fabulous legs :)

Sneakers or High Heels: A Female Athlete’s Dilemma

Higher heeled shoes force the body to work harder because you’re walking on your forefoot, and, therefore, your body has to balance itself. High heels can affect a number of areas in the body – from the feet to the ankles, and back. It can also cause bunions, callouses and corns. A study from Harvard showed that women who wear high heels increase their risk of arthritis of the knee.

As an athlete, I already put a lot of stress on my joints so high heels are not my number one choice in a shoe on a daily basis. But when I need to rock a high heel for an event I carry my heels in my bag and put them on when I get to my destination. Then as soon as the event is over the high heels are coming off. Walking in high heels is no walk in the park :)

We can all agree that high heels are not good for your health. Yet, we see women strutting in them everywhere. If you read any gossip magazine or watch any T.V. show you’ll see the women wearing nothing but high heels, and most of us give into the latest trends even if it is harmful to our bodies. Let’s keep it real, flats just don’t complete an outfit like a great pair of high heels. Sneakers cushion the heel and don’t hurt your feet, but high heels make legs look great! A few hours of pain is not a big deal if you look good, right? :)

I faithfully wear sneakers every day, but when I go out on a date or attend an event, I slip into a pair of beautiful heels. I really wish I could strut in heels all day every day because I love them, but for now, I will stick to being comfortable.

How about you? What’s your go-to shoe, Sneakers or High Heels?


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