The Ultimate Division l, ll & lll Baseball Coaches Directory 2016


The Ultimate Division l, ll & lll Baseball Coaches Directory is a 27-page ebook that lists contact information for all Division l, ll & lll schools, and coaches that provide Baseball scholarships as well as covering the basics of the Athletic Recruiting Process.

What you will learn in this ebook:

  • Tips for a Successful Recruiting Process
  • An Introduction to the Eligibility Center
  • The Importance of registering with the Eligibility Center
  • Sample E-Mail Template for Writing an introductory e-mail to a College Coach
  • NCAA Coaches Directory for all the schools that offer Baseball Scholarships
  • *BONUS* Click on a coach to see their full bio

EBook is downloadable in PDF format and can be saved to your computer or smartphone.

PRICE: $45

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