Sitting on my couch I reflect today on the intelligent and strong black leaders that have graced our planet.

I am free today because of those before me. I am strong because of the examples that were set by many, but one in particular, Harriet Tubman. Tubman is probably the most well-known of all the Underground Railroad’s “conductors.” She married a free black man when she was 25. He would not join her in her desire to escape from freedom so she escaped in 1849 by herself. And I love that! Know what you want and go get it despite what others say or do. One must be accountable for making their dream a reality.

We need to spend more time focusing on those who have made a difference in our spheres of life and less time on those who can dunk, catch or throw a ball. A few hours of entertainment is great pastime, however if it stops there, then in the grand scheme of things it’s impact is minimal, if any at all. Now using one’s own talent and strength for positive endeavors is EXTRAordinary. Risking one’s life for others, freeing over 300 slaves is amazing to me. It’s the ultimate selflessness. Harriet Tubman is one of THOSE people, THOSE people who we should look up to, because despite physical hardship and lack of education she took freedom into her own hands and made it her mission to be free from slavery and to help others .… She had a driven sense of purpose. And life is about just that, helping those in need. Personally I feel like I am not successful if those around me are struggling. And that is why Tubman has been such a strong and important influence on my life. She was an extraordinary strong black woman who had a vision and made others believe in her dreams. FREEDOM. She was physically and mentally tough, and maintained great strategy and planning .

I dare you to dream. What a beautiful thing it is to have opportunities to choose what we would like to do, who we would like to be, and what we should have in life. Accountability to accept that we are our own Harriet Tubman, with the ability to strategically plan our future, despite the obstacles that may come our way. Harriet did not believe that the road would provide a smooth ride therefore, she planned for surprises and ways to overcome them. Let us take the time to differentiate between our wants and needs, then find your inspiration, be it one of our past influences, role model, family or friend. Remember to stay positive, we must seek out those who are positive. To my sisters out there, remember that we are strong black women who have taken care of and guided families for generations. Take the time to reflect on who you are, Harriet did not start this movement to freedom in vain.

We definitely need more women like Harriet Tubman in this day and age.


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