Back to being Momma Sutton-Brown

Just finished cooking for my teammates, and since there are no left over’s I guess that means I put my foot in it 🙂 … “Delicious she says” as she places her plate in the sink. Now I’m not about to come out with a cook book or anything, but I will say that I can hold my own in the kitchen 🙂

So Valentines Day is this weekend, and since I won’t have anyone here in Turkey to celebrate with I think I may just have to cook again and celebrate with my teammates. No it’s definitely not the same, I would rather have my man with me, but at least they will get a home cooked meal outta it. LOL… I’m not a big fan of Valentine day anyhow cause it caters 2 couples and make single people feel like they are invisible … Personally we should not have just 1 day outta the year where we prove our love to the one we love. I can only speak for myself, BUT I want to feel loved ALL the time. Every day, every hour, every minute.



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