This is what the finals is about … Tight scoring games, great competitive battles, and WWE physicality … Every possession counts, Turnovers are crucial, the fight of our team was amazing.

So proud of my girls, we had a tough season, filled with many challenges, but this is what we were all brought together to play for. What a way to end my time here in Istanbul. In every league, no matter what level, there is only one team that ends their season with a win. GRATEFUL


If u are a person who gets easily sea sick this was not the trip for u … We hopped on a water taxi to the game. The waters were not that calm so there were moments when we rocked side to side, it felt like a roller coaster at times. LOL …. On another occasion I would have gone out on the front of the boat and gotten a tan. But today was all business, today was all concentration, today was all about a WIN.

Once again it was only fitting that the top 2 teams faced each other in the finals. Galatasary, our rival, a team stacked with so much talent, WHICH included 2 of my Fever teammates who I know go hard so I knew it would be a competitive battle… And it was just that. Best of 5 series we won 3 straight, but that was no indication of how Gala competed. They challenged us, all the games were close, after every game I found a new bruise. LOL … I’m so proud of my girls and how they handled this season. We had many challenges over the 8 month season but we stuck together, fought through and over came. They say experiences are the best teachers, if that is the case, we all learned a great deal this season.

After a long season this was the perfect ending… 4 championships in my 4 yrs at Fenerbahce, I feel so blessed. I give credit to Fenerbahce management for keeping the core Turkish players together all these yrs. I love these girls, not only as players but they are the kindest, sweetest group of girls u will ever meet. They are my sisters ( from another mother of course 🙂

But now it’s off to Indiana. We went from teammates to competitors to teammates again. Catch, Katie, and Ebony, the 4 of us are back in Indy together, ON THE SAME TEAM, and looking forward to another great WNBA season.


12 thoughts on “CHAMPIONS

  1. Kerem says:

    Congratulations Tammy!

    We would like to celebrate the title in front of Fenerbahçe fans all together but unfortunately the conditions did not let us and it is a pity not to be able to farewell as you had to leave country cause your busy wnba schedule.

    We went to training facilities to meet with the team bus after the final game. It was our plan to fire the night with torches as we chant with songs at our gym. But we heard you were celebrating the night with your teammates at a fish restaurant. Anyway you were lucky to escape of fires, hope you enjoyed with your girls jeje i will look for more photos in your albumes

    It would be really nicer if you could go your home, Toronto, after sunday. You know we are going to play last futbol match of season for the championship and gonna make the most enthusiactic athmosphere before the game to applaud women basket team who are our queens. Maybe you are a bit more habitant to this athmosphere that you passed many years here and became a Fenerbahçe supporter like anyone, beside would be another memory for you and other foreigner players.

    Thank you for all the things you have done in four years. You fought for these colours by heart, so that you will be in our hearts as a legendary player with nice memories.
    Have a nice season there, best wishes

    • Tammy Sutton-Brown says:

      I know, I had to leave because the WNBA was starting and had to get back… I wish I could have celebrated as well with you guys. I hope all is well and thank you so much for all the support over the years. I miss Istanbul

      • Kerem says:

        Uff Tammy! You dont know what a trauma occured last sunday at the stadium. Fenerbahçe supporters once again lived same horror scenes after 2006 disaster and lost the leader position so did lose championship title at the last game of season with a 1-1 draw.

        Although team players made all efforts with 37 shoots,rivals only did one lucky in all game to score&defenced it till die. Thereafter the stresse and tension rised up of the 55000 crowd and after final whistle worst things happened with a wrong speaker announcement which made the fans celebrating title for a few minutes cause other side game thought to came equalised, but it was an absurd fake, a huge misinformation.

        You can imagine how everybody disappointed when learned the true score of other game and within this traumatic psicology someones went mad that the same things happened twice in four years period. Anyway i dont want to tell the rest, last time i have said wish u could stay to celebrate but this time i am saying fortunately you returned your home earlier and didnt have to get sad with our sorrows.

        Consequently, we learned that our women basketball and volleyball teams -the girls of our club- gave us the most pure and sincere happy moments in all season instead of getting mad with futbol guys problems. Sure most of fans regrets about why they hadnt gone to support women basket team more crowded as you deserved.

        Thank you again Tammy, your championship cup against arch rivals -whom you swept at the finals- gonna help consolating us much more to recover and stand again in bad days as a big sport club.

        We are following your Wnba matches too, although big time difference. There are lots of team with Fenerbahçe players to support 🙂
        But you are the unique Canadian of our queens, take care Tammy

  2. Mert Aydın says:

    Fenerbahçe is not basketball team,football team,volleyball team.Fenerbahçe is biggest sport club.Volleyball,football,boxing,tennis,basketball,swimming…

    Fenerbahce is rebuplic.And you are very beatiful with Fenerbahce jersey 🙂 I hope to you stay fenerbahce.I think you give different energy to team.You won 4 Champions.I hope you will see Euroleague Champions 2011.

    Are you stay fenerbahce?

    We love you..

  3. Rolf Rudestam says:

    Our mutual friend (Diana from the RU days) led me to this blog. I am most thankful to her. You are not only a talented and beautiful young lady…but write extremely well!!
    Congratulations on another championship. Like always, you give credit to your teammates. So much like you.
    I got interested in women’s basketball about a decade ago….through our alma mater, of course. 🙂 Have been following the Rutgers team closely ever since…and watch the pro game whenever there is a bit of “Scarlet” on the court. I will be catching Indy games this year.
    Best of luck…you capture so much of what is right.

    Rolf (aka CalRU66)

  4. D. Brown says:

    Keep up the good work Tammy…I will try my best to follow the games this season….I think I feel a championship for the Fever this season lol….Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Melike says:

    hey tammy 🙂
    i’d like to tell you that i love the way you playing bball
    it made a lot of fun to watch you
    you was my fav player n this team and i began to watch bball when i saw you playin because it was like magic 🙂
    i’m so sad that i couldn’t see you playing in turkey
    i wish you the best
    i ❤ u 🙂

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