Taking it back to where it all started.

It was in the gym at Armadale Public School that I was first introduced to the game. At 6’0 in the 7th grade I was taller than everyone in the school, including most of the teachers. So it only fit that I try out for the basketball team even though I had never picked up a basketball before, right? Well basketball stuck and I have been playing ever since. Yesterday I found myself back at my old elementary school preparing to read my new book, CREE AND SCOOTER HIT THE SLOPES IN BRITISH COLUMBIA, to the kids.

Of course Cree and Scooter had to join me :). We had a blast, I’m really happy kids are enjoying THE ADVENTURES OF CREE AND SCOOTER.

So I thought all I was going to do at my old school was read, but to my surprise, Armadale Public School dedicated their new basketball courts to me. Man was I caught off guard when they raised a Tammy Sutton-Brown banner in the gym, my eyes started to tear up as I saw my name. It was at that moment I looked out at all the grade 4-8 students that sat in the gym during the dedication presentation, and all I could think of was how I was once just like them. I once sat exactly where they sat on the gym floor. WOW, I have come a long way, I have been blessed with so much.

The kids were all attentive as I spoke to them about the importance of education, hard work, goal setting and believing in themselves.
I dare you to encourage and motivate a child today. I double dare you to inspire and teach a child to follow their dreams, I triple dare you to make a difference in a child today, build all these qualities into them and encourage them to achieve success.
Try to make a difference in someone’s life today. We can all positively impact the life of another.


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