A Helping Hand When Traveling

It’s so hard traveling light sometimes, especially if you are heading on an extended trip, or you are heading to someplace cold. Just a couple of sweaters, a coat, and a couple of pairs of shoes, and you are already at your luggage limit weight-wise, plus you are sitting on your bag trying to do up the zipper from every angle.

This is where the curtain opens, the spotlight shines, and enter Jacket Gripper! Every traveler’s dream come true. Such a simple idea, yet one you will not be able to live without. What most of us have come to realize over time, is that if we are going to travel successfully, the answer is to carry our heavy and bulky clothing on us (or with us) and not jamming it into our suitcase that is already breaking at the seams.

Another reason to use the Jacket Gripper, is because everyone needs to carry a jacket (or two) on the plane with them, for the mere fact that most planes rides are like experiencing a ride on the Siberian Express. So how does this simple little tool work? Easy peasy! You simply hook it to the handle of your carry-on bag (or to any other part of your bag) and then voilà! You adjust the strap to the size you prefer, which will depend on how low or high you want your jacket to be dangling, or depending on how bulky it is. Knowing me, I would be quite likely to have a couple of jackets on the one grip, or have a couple of grips hooked to my one bag.

I usually have my jackets and scarves swung over my bags, but the problem with that is that you have to keep checking on them as they can slip off and sometimes be lost forever. Also, they get in the way when trying to rummage through your bag. So this one little device will give you one less thing to worry about on your next trip. It can be used on suitcases, carryons and even backpacks, and comes in an array of gorgeous colors to match your bag, your jacket or your mood.


Photo Copyright: Handy Ideas


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