Cool DIY Travel Bracelet

I love travelling and I always want to pick up local items along the way to remember the place I visited. Souvenirs are a hard thing to decide on when traveling.  Many of us just end up with postcards and stickers sitting in the bottom of our drawers for years. We only look at them once a year when we are spring cleaning, and eventually they end up in the throw-out pile.

It’s hard to know what to buy as a souvenir when traveling. You don’t want something kitsch, something heavy, or something expensive, and ideally you want something useful. If you look around online, there are tons of great ideas to be had. One idea that I love, is to collect stickers, buy a vintage suitcase, and then every time you go somewhere new you collect a cool sticker and stick it to your vintage bag. It’s oh so uber-cool. It’s such a cool and retro idea, but the only problem with that, is that you probably don’t want to cart around a wheel-less, bulky, heavy, pocket-less, awkward suitcase that will probably not survive too many trips the way that baggage handlers throw bags around nowadays. Ugh.

So what other cool ideas does that leave you with? Well, when you leave a country, generally you have leftover change, no matter how hard you try to spend all your last coins on chips at the airport. Then when you get home, these coins that were once precious to you, now become an annoyance. You don’t want to throw them away… after all it is money, but you don’t know where to put it, and you don’t know if you will ever return to that country anyway! So next time you are feeling anxious about your leftover coins, smile as there is an awesome answer to this problem. You can now use these coins, and mix n’ match them to make a coin bracelet. It’s a cool gift, but it is also a cool way to wear your travel memories around, and a great point of conversation when people ask you about it. All you need to do is get a simple chain from either a craft store or a jewelry store, and take the coins to a key cutter to get the holes put into the coins ( unless you know how to do this yourself ), and voilà! All that is left is the attaching of the coins with small metal rings, which you can also get at a craft or jewelry store. Then once you have given the bracelet a go, you can try doing the same thing for a necklace or key chain. The possibilities are endless!


Photo Copyright: Darling Doodles


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