Social Media – How to manage your personal account

larrybird-2Guidelines to follow for student athletes:

  • Think of your recruiting journey like it’s a job interview – Put your best foot forward in everything you do, and especially EVERYTHING you post online. Once you hit that ‘send’ button your post goes live and stays FOREVER. Even if you delete a post quickly, it’s never really gone ( you can thank technology for this :).
  • You are a brand. – You’re a student athlete, with dreams and goals to play at the next level, don’t let one post ruin that. Coaches recruit focused athletes that can be great representatives of their team and school. Make sure your social media accounts reflect this.
  • You may not post it but you may be tagged in a post that does not reflect who you are – Be conscious of tags, occasionally check your tags and remove anything that does not align with the image you want to portray to coaches.
  • Watch your words. If you can’t say it front of your parents, don’t say it online. If you can’t show that picture to your parents, don’t post it online.
  • Always use common sense when posting online. We all know right from wrong.
  • Lastly don’t post about your recruiting journey until you have signed your National Letter of Intent. No one needs to know your business.




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