The Drakensberg a stunning area full of hiking trails that take in the natural beauty of the mountains and the wildlife that live there. From curvy rivers to large boulder rocks to chain ladders, there are a range of hikes that will satisfy the novice or the expert.

First off I must confess, hiking in the Drakensberg wasn’t my idea. I’m an indoor sport type woman so when my sister made the suggestion to hike, I hesitated, then after about 15 mins pondering over the idea I figured it couldn’t be that bad. I’m an athlete and the mentality most athletes have is “I can do anything athletically” 🙂 With that mentality I went along with the idea and started to prepare for our trip.

We got to

The next morning we got up early, ate breakfast and were off. There are so many trails to choose from but we opted on the Sterkspruit Falls and Gorge hike. We parked the car, threw on our backpack and made our way through the forest.

Drakensberg, South Africa

Drakensberg South Africa

The hike started off pleasurably as we walked through a small river which was very peaceful. But then the trail  increased in intensity, walking up a small incline. I quickly noticed a drop off to my left, we were walking round a mountain and if there was any slippage we were done. My heart started racing, but after turning a corner I looked up and saw clouds in the distance. Cloud formation occurs when humid or water vapor-filled air rises to the point where cooler temperatures force condensation. I took in the beauty of the moment and was calm again. Drakensberg is absolutely stunning. Drakensberg South Africa .. (31) 1

Drakensberg South Africa .. (29)

Boulder hopping and river crossings feature on the six-hour … through rocky terrain with breath-taking views

Climbing over a boulder, Drakensberg South Africa

Climbing over a boulder, Drakensberg South Africa

On the way back I found myself jogging part of the way, a) because I was familiar with the route and b) because I remembered how long it took going.

15km and 6 hours later the hike was over. I played professional basketball for years prior to this hike but I can honestly say I have never been so exhausted. I sat down on the ground and couldn’t move for about 10 mins. I was tired, thirsty and famished.





Before you start a hike you need a few things:

The right gear: I recommend wearing sturdy hiking boots, a hat, long sleeved top, sunscreen and thick comfy socks.

Backpack: I recommend durable but light backpack and fill it with water bottle(s) bug spray, bandages or band-aids and some protein based snacks.


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