Lunch at Elmwood Spa

I know what you’re thinking, why did I go to a spa to have lunch? Well, the truth is, because the lunch here is AWESOME! The Terrace Restaurant gave me a chance to sit down and catch up with one of my girlfriends.

Elmwood Spa is a 5 story brick building located in the heart of downtown Toronto and the only place I get to have lunch in my robe :). The Terrace Restaurant, located on the 4th floor delivers a 3 course meal and all the dishes are  full of flavour. The servers are super friendly and warm which adds to the overall experience.

Started off with the Thai Butternut Squash Soup with carrot, sweet potato and lemongrass. In this fall weather, this soup hit the spot, Yum!

Started off with the Thai Butternut Squash Soup.

Thai Butternut Squash Soup.

Following the soup this cucumber and melon salad was brought to the table. Cantaloupe, honey dew, watermelon, artisan lettuce all topped with a green tea vinaigrette this dish was really good. What I love about this restaurant is that all their items on the menu are healthy.

Cucumber & Melon Salad

Cucumber & Melon Salad

After devouring the cucumber and melon salad I was a little full, but then the salmon came out. Maple dijon, cous cous, baby vegetables, I don’t have any words for this dish other than delicious. I’ve had it here before and had to try it again just to make sure it was equally good 🙂 And it was

Pan Seared Salmon

Pan Seared Salmon


As expected lunch was awesome, from the appetizers to the dessert ( not pictured here ), the chef did his thing. The only thing that was left to do after such a great meal was go into the sauna for 10 mins hoping to sweat out all the calories I just ingested, unfortunately it didn’t work.