A part of being part of, GLOBETROTTING DIVA, EAT, WORKOUT AND BE HAPPY, or YOUNG ATHLETES is sharing your experiences and expertise with others.


There are Two kinds of Articles I love…


1. The First Person Experience
You may not be an expert … but I don’t care. Anyone who loves to travel, loves life or coaches young athletes is an expert in my eyes. Your story is the one I want to hear whether it be fun, tiring, or crazy, connect with me I’d love to hear about it.

2. Expert
Maybe you run a company, have your own sports training program, developed a product, wrote a book, or are just incredibly knowledge about a topic. I want to hear from you, I would love for you to share your ideas on the subject you are passionate about.


About your writing…


Length: Keep it short and sweet. An article of 500 or fewer words works well.

Tone: Don’t worry about sounding incredibly smart. I already know you are :). Instead, entertain with your amazing ability to share your story and ideas.

How to Submit: Once you’ve created your manuscript :), simply send it in! Click here to submit your article

Credit: Your writing is yours! If your article is published, it still belongs to you. But, by submitting it to, you allow it to be republish under one of the group blogs, Globetrotting Diva, Eat workout and be happy, or Young Athletes banner in other publications—NOTE you will always have a writer’s credit. Also, there might be a few edits to your article if necessary.

Money: At this moment there is no pay for articles. But take advantage of the platform and share your story, your ideas and your website.

Before you Start Writing: Before you write, feel free to shoot a quick email here and tell me what you’re planning on submitting.