FRESHMAN YEAR – Tips to Remember:

  • Coaches are always watching! – Trust me when I say this. Coaches are paying attention to everything you’re doing in the classroom and in your receptive sport.
  • Be proactive, it’s never too early for YOU to write a letter or make calls to coaches. Get your name out there.
  • DI and DII coaches can’t personally contact you until Junior Year, but YOU CAN CONTACT THEM.
  • DIII and NAIA coaches can contact you at anytime
  • It is important to start becoming familiar with the schools you are looking at both athletically and academically

CAMPUS VISITS – Official vs Unofficial

During the athletic recruiting process I HIGHLY recommend visiting the college campuses you are interested in. There is nothing like first hand experience. Seeing where you will live, how far the sporting facilities are from everything and your means of transportation around campus, if any, – all valuable information you can take away from a visit.

Any visit to a college campus by a student-athlete or parents PAID FOR BY THE COLLEGE is an official visit. Visits paid for by student-athletes or their parents are considered unofficial visits.

OFFICIAL VISIT – During an official visit the college can pay for transportation to and from the college for the student-athlete, accommodation, and three meals per day for the student-athlete and parents / guardians, as well as reasonable entertainment expenses including tickets to a home sports event.

UNOFFICIAL VISIT – The ONLY expenses a college-bound student-athlete may receive from a college during an unofficial visit are tickets to a home sports event.


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